JKC changes Japanese Terrier standard!


I am very pleased to inform that Japan Kennel Club on October 30, 2015 changed the standard of Japanese Terrier and added information about „natural tail”. They did this after my proposal made on July 30, 2015 and my photographic documentation (JKC took pattern after my Tsubasa).

JKC authorities have already modified the standard in their documentation (THERE) and at the same time, have started process of modification the standard published in Federation Cynologique Internationale. Today, I received an information that the procedure of amendment is over. Soon, the FCI will apply changes and publish the new modified standard.

The previous changes in Japanese Terrier have been made on May 6, 1995.

Tsubasa started Championship of Poland

On Sunday, April 17th I decided to take Bayka and Tsubasa to national dog show in Zakrzow. Our judge was Agnieszka Nowak-Patyniak. Oktawia also decided to go with us and took our son Gabriel. It was her first handling after 7 month break.

First on the ring was Tsubasa. He did great there, little worse at the table. He was feared. Despite of that, the judge managed really nice with him and gave him CAC – so this way he started Championship of Poland.

The second one was Bayka. She was good at the ring, but on the table she was really afraid. We think it’s because of the 18 month break from dog shows. She got CAC too, but BOB went to Tsubasa.

We stayed at BIS contest. There was a chance to achieve success with good presentation. Once again Tsubasa presented himself really nice. He stood firmly and still, the judge hesitated to place him on the box. She decided to walk over him, knowing that this fainthearted breed. Tsubasa made two steps back and this resolved doubts of the judge. Tsubasa was distinguished because he was the only one the judge walked over to.

This indicates that there are still at least couple of months of hard trainings ahead of us and that Bayka needs few more shows to get back to full form.

Tsubasa met the requirements to be the Champion of Ukraine

At the end of March, me and Tsubasa, we participated in two international shows in organized in Uzhhorod by Ukrainian Kennel Club.

We treated this show like a good training session for Tsubasa, before August’s Euro Dog Show in Belgium so we were more focused on learning than winning.

At the first day we were judged by Viktoriya Pogodina. Tsubasa appeared himself quite good at the table and really nice inside the ring. He received CAC, CACIB i BOB so he met all the requirements to be Ukrainian Champion.

BIS contest was even better. Even though Tsubasa did not stood on the winners’ podium he presented himself great what was perceived by our colleague exhibitors.

Next day we were not such confident and relaxed as the day before. It’s because we were judged by Olga Goncharuk who we think is not so gentle for the dogs. We had bad luck, when the judge tried to move the table to different place, she stood it really close to Tsubasa, almost on him. It really scarred him off. It was the reason he didn’t want to present himself nice. The judge had no choice and gave him ‚really good’ note.

Despite of bad luck at the end we are really pleased with this show.

Tsubasa – Junior Champion of Poland


We started season 2016 in Sosnowiec on January 31st. I’s a show we take part every year but this year I went there with Tsubasa. As I expected there were lots of dogs and people in great Expo Hall in Sosnowiec – over 1500 dogs.

It will be groundbreaking year for Tsubasa (we hope) so it was a great training for him. We showed him in junior group judged by Mrs. Monika Kuriata-Okarmus. We did lots of trainings together practicing for this show. Now, for some time I’m the handler because Oktawia takes care of our little baby. At the ring Tsubasa showed himself really good. There were still some fear but he walked nice, stood still on the table and allowed to be touched by judge. It’s success for us. The judge liked Tsubasa and got BOB. This way Tsubasa finished Junior Championship of Poland.

We decided to stay on BIS where Tsubasa again presented himself really nice. Even though he wasn’t awarded I’m sure the show in Sosnowiec is successful for us.

Soon, on March, we are going to Ukraine  but we will start regular season for shows with the end of April.

Tsubasa finishes in Rybnik and Spala

This year’s last two shows for our japanes terriers took place in Poland. On October 4thOktawia and Tsubasa went to Rybnik and were judged by Mr. Janusz Opara. Tsubasa showed himself really great so the judge gave him Perfect Note and all the titles including BOB. At BIS contest Tsubasa remain unnoticed.

Six days later Oktawia and Tsubasa decided to go to Spala on traditional hunting dog show. Tsubasa did his good job once again but he was not good enough to get BOB. Our judge – Mrs. Joanna Szczepanska-Korpetta – decided that Tsubasa deserves only Perfect Note.

We are still lack of one title to get the Junior Championship of Poland. But 2016 and is close and we think it will be the year of Tsubasa.