Acu Staff Enterprise Agreement

With Workplace for Good, educational institutions such as ACU have a free full-fledged workplace premium membership along with the associated features, support and security of the corporate class. However, and this is a considerable qualification for the staff involved, there will be an “additional temporary employment review” and “reduced meeting and casual work”. The Australian Catholic University says it “does not envisage voluntary redundancies”. Good temporary and casual/meeting collaborators should ensure a 33% improvement in staff, as ACU communication channels have made it easy to share updates on projects For more information about the agreement, employees should first consult with their designated supervisor. If further information or advice is needed, staff should go to the service centre. ACU forecasts a revenue loss of $125.9 million in 2020-22 due to COVID-19 and loss of international student revenue. Among the measures taken to manage it are the reduction of non-pay expenses (31 million $US) and, with the agreement of the University Senate, the use of $53 million in “future planned surpluses” to create an “investment fund” “to invest in saving the jobs of our employees”. 76% of employees said their sense of attachment to employment has improved The university has begun to implement the provisions of the agreement, including updating a number of guidelines, procedures and guidelines. Staff and supervisors are informed that in the event of a contradiction between the provisions of the new agreement and other documents, priority shall be given to the provisions of the new agreement.

Additional information will be provided to staff in early 2019. None of this was well received by the Campus Branch of the National Union of Education: “NTEU strongly condemns the development of plans that undermine staff conditions and lead to the loss of security, agreed rights and livelihoods for our colleagues.” The president of the branch, Leah Kaufmann, adds that the union will refuse any proposal to modify the company agreement “that would be proposed only by the ACU”. At Australian Catholic University (ACU), it`s about seeing the whole person and their full potential, and inspiring staff, students and graduates to make a difference. The National University was founded in 1991 on the basis of Catholic values of truth, compassion, dignity for others and the obligation to maintain the common good. Workplace has opened up a new type of peer-to-peer dialogue and knowledge exchange between departments, which did not previously exist at the university. In just four months after Workplace was introduced, 76% of pilot circuit employees said their sense of attachment had improved and 63% said Workplace had created more opportunities for cooperation. . .