Asti Lansdowne Road Agreement

The two unions, which represent secondary school teachers, voted to reject the Lansdowne Road deal. The union has yet to decide whether to be bound by the decision of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions – of which ASTI is a member – to accept the agreement to restore wages in exchange for productivity concessions. A number of unions said a deal proposed by Gardaí changed the landscape of the deal. Ictu has an anti-poaching agreement that prohibits unions from profiting from a dispute and recruiting members of another union. This means they can now join other teachers` unions in considering the new civil service pay agreement – called `Lansdowne Road 2`. The minister says in the letter that he is prepared to enter into a similar agreement with ASTI, but only as part of the union`s collaboration with the LRA. The union`s president, Máire G Ní Chiarba, commented on the ASTI result and said the agreement did not address teachers` main concerns. It is not certain that the outgoing members of ASTI have declared their membership in the TUI. ASTI voted to approve strike action in the event of non-resolution of a number of issues. ASTI`s main decision-making body, the 23-member standing committee, will discuss the outcome of the vote at the Thursday and Friday meetings. There is no limit to the amount of credit a teacher can claim for his or her former position as a qualified teacher or as a full-time permanent teacher in a municipality, a full voluntary secondary school or a vocational school. Teachers are asked about union actions and also vote on whether they want to withdraw from supervision obligations. ASTI has complained about this phenomenon to the Irish Congress of Trades Unions (Ictu).

The heavy losses of ASTI members took place in months when members missed salary increases – and an open-ended contract for many young teachers – due to their persistent rejection of the Lansdowne Road Agreement (LRA). ASTI members have “serious concerns” about the health and safety of school communities. This figure may include pensioners, but with annual dues of €337 for a full-time teacher up to €50 for part-time workers of less than 11 hours per week, the transfer of members would represent a heavy financial burden in the long run. Teachers` unions will appear today before the Dáil Covid 19 Committee. The ASTI complaint regarding its lost members of Ictu is under review, although it has not yet been referred to its Dispute Resolution Commission at that time. . . .