Bayka is Latvia Junior Champion

We have very mixed feelings from the second weekend of June, when two Japanese terriers were shown in the worls: Bayka in Latvia and Tsuko in Norway.

There was only one reason to go to Latvia – we wanted Bayka to win the Latvia Junior Champion. The target was able to be achieved on the first day of competition. Our judge was Mr Enrique Mate Duran from Spain. Bayka walked very wella, she stood nice on the table and let to touch. The judge also wanted to check Bayka’s approach to toys. She was not interested in judge’s pipe, but the judge noted that she responds to the sausage. He askes oktawia to give her a little bit and her reaction was immediate. Bayka showed of which she’s known. She behaved like a typical piranha and after a while the judge’s sausage was gone. He liked it very much and with no doubts gave her JCAC, JBOB and BOB. Thus Bayka finished the Junior Champion of Latvia on her first day of competition.

The day after our judge was Mrs Anne Klaas from Estonia. We have very mixed feelings about the judge. Apparently Bayka presented better than the day before, but the judge was not happy with that. Oktawia has stated that the judge probably did not know until the end what she judged. In the description from the show, it is clear that the judge did not read standard. We are opposed to this judging, because we pay 50 euro for the show and we require knowledge form the judges, at least resulting from the standard. I wrote on this subject to the organizers, who could only apologize to me. Mrs Klaas took the money for Bayka’s judging, but she wascompletely not prepared for that substance. I’d like only to add that Bayka received an excellent note.

The same thing was with Tsuko from Norway. According to his owner Tsuko presented very well. The judges had some doubts about the built of the young dog and they were not related to his character. During special shows Tsuko was judged by Anne Tove Strande from Norway and Ves Lehtonen from Finnland. He received an excellent note twice.

I remember our beginnings, judges did not often know what to evaluate. I don’t know how it was in Norway but show beginnings are very tough, esoecially for this breed. Only seven Japanese terriers were presented in the world this year (two form Poland – on dozens of shows, two form Russia – on one show, one from Sweden- on two shows, one from Norway – on two/three shows, one from Japan – on one show), of which only two regularly, it means something. This is not a breed shown on shows due to the cautious approach to foreign people. This is a tough breed, but as it is closer to know, it is really lovely.

For my part I appeal to the judges to read the breed standard. We want you to be always prepared, if you already have the pleasure to evaluate Japanese terriers. You can download the standard from the FCI site or from us (bookmark FCI standard).