Bayka is Ukraine Champion, Fuji is Junior Ukraine Champion

On the 16th and 17th of August in Uzhorod, Ukraine, were organized two International Dog shows. Bayka and Fuji took part in both events.

On the first day our judge was Mr. Borys Aleksandrov from Ukraine. The judging looked like the judge would have seen Japanese terriers for the first time in his life. The first one was Fuji. she presented very well, as always. That’s why we don’t know why the judge didn’t like it. Fuhi received an excellent note and JCAC. She didn’t reserved for more titles, said the judge. The next one was Bayka, she also presented very well in the ring. The judge gave her CACIB and BOB. Both dogs weren’t compared. We weren’t happy with that kind of judging. Fuji finished the Junior Ukraine Champion and Bayka the Ukraine Champion.

On the next day our judge was Mrs. Annamaria Tarjan from Hungary. We weren’t happy with the judgigs as well. That lady mistaked the breeds! Fuji received JCAC and JBOB and Bayka a very good note at the beginning. Whe we asked the judge why, she started to explain herself that she thought this is a Brasilian terrier! As soon as she realised she made a mistake, she changed her decision and gave Bayka CACIB and BOB.

Thus, learning the judge cost me 90 euro and I lost a lot of nerves. The judges, who have permissions on all groups, very often neglect their work and are not prepared to judge the breeds, they do not know. Nevertheless, we came back from the Ukraine with this, what we wanted.