Keru is the most beautiful terrier on CACIB Sofia

January 20, 2013 will certainly go down in history of Japanese terriers. Amakakeru-Meiji White Oleander (Keru) as the first Japanese terrier outside of Japan, and the sixth in history, during the show CACIB Sofia 2013 of dogs of all breeds, was elected the most beautiful terrier (Best of Group) by an international referee from Slovenia, Mr Denis Kuzelj.

This is the biggest success of this breed since 1990, when during the showss in Japan, the last representative of the breed received BOG.

During the shows in Sofia, Keru also won three new champions: Champion of Bulgaria, Grand Champion of Bulgaria and Champion of Balkan. In Sofia, debuted in the puppy class Keru’s sister, Byakuya-Meiji White Oleander and received the title of Best puppy.

It is worth to note all the Japanese terriers, who received the title of Best of Group: Nada of Taiko (Ms. Amano breeder and owner) and Absolute Mako (Mr. Shigematsu breeder and owner) in 1970; Landmark JP’s Palace Danser, Tono of New Flower Land (Mr. Kaneshige breeder and Mr. Shigematsu owner) and Landmark JP’s Real Tycoon (Mr. Shigematsu breeder and owner) in 1990 and Amakakeru-Meiji White Oleander (Ms. Ilona Cerna breeder and Pawel Gasiorski owner) on the January 20, 2013.