Keru is the new InterChampion

In last two weeks, Keru and Bayka passed two international shows. On the 23rd and 24th November we took part in Zagreb Winner in Zagreb, a week later in DUO CACIB Nitra.

We went to Zagreb with one goal. Bayka had to win two CACIBs and the title of Champion of Croatia. Unfortunately, the plan did not succeed. On the first day our judge was Mr Giulio Bezzecchi from Italy. The judge was very nice and very kind. On this day, we presented only Bayka who showed up really nicely. She got everything, which is what us important for us, so CACIB and BOB. She unfortunately failed to win anything on BIS.

The next day, we presented Keru. For him it was only a workout. Bayka took also part in the presentation. The judge was Mr Boris Chapiro from France. Judging looked much worse. The judge was not prepared, did not know about our breed, he did not know the standard. To this day we can not understand what he really meant. He did not like in our dogs that they have cut tails. And this says the pattern! What else was wrong according to him, no one knows. Keru got a very good note! Bayka only CAC. After this embarrassing refereeing I posted on Facebook the results, I also mentioned all the titles of Bayka and Keru and I marked the referee on the picture. It unleashed a small storm in the comments. International judges could not believe in a very good note of Keru . But it wasn’t strange. The strangest thing was that the judge ashamed of seeing such an assessment and comments, removed his mark on Facebook ! I hope he will now consider how and what to judge. For me it was a disgrace of Mr Chapiro.

A week later, our dogs, along with Octavia, went to Nitra. We wanted to be evaluated as soon as possible, because of the embarrassments on the previous show. And so well, on the first day we showed Keru. Keru presented very well. He walked nicely, stood beautifully on the table, he let to touch. The judge was Mr Stanislav Bučko from Slovakia. Keru got CACIB and BOB again in his career and ended FCI International Champion of Beauty.

A day later we showed Bayka. The judge was Mr Walter Jungblut from Germany, who once had the pleasure of judging  Japanese terriers in Estonia (then Keru got BOB). Judge did touch Bayka exactly, checked her teeth, checked the movement. He was delighted! Bayka got BOB without any doubt. Interestingly, after judging, he interrupted the judging in the ring to talk longer with Oktawia. Oktavia after the judging was excited about the judges’s approach.

These were the last shows for us in this year.