Keru with another BOB

On the first Saturday of July was National Dog Show in Ustron. This day was very hot and we felt at firsthand.

Keru was presented during the show. It was one of the subsequent stages of his preparation for the World Dog Show in Helsinki. The judge was Mr. Zdzislaw Kitlinski. Keru showed up very nicely. He walked excellent, stood great on the table. The judge had no doubt and gave him BOB.

We stayed for BIS. There, unfortunately, during a presentation in front of us was shown bitch in heat. Taking into account the fact that during this period until our three females were in heat, in addition to the one on the show, Keru was not able to withstand. He threw himself a lot and above all smelled the grass this female was walking on. It has not allowed us to present him nice on the BIS.

However, for us it’s an another experience.