Maribor: Keru and Fuji BIS Couple! Fuji II BIS puppy!

On Easter we went for a three shows to Maribor: two CACIBs (Maribor and Pohorje) and the Special Terrier Club Show. Our three Japanese terriers went with us.

On Saturday, as first Fuji and Bayka were shown. Both presented very well during CACIB Maribor. Fuji was awarded Best Puppy title, while Bayka got CACIB and BOB. The judge was Ms. Sisi Dollmann from Austria. Unfortunately, in the finals we were unable to earn anything.

On the same day there was the terrier club show. The judge Ms. Cindy Pettersson from Sweden for the first time had the pleasure of judging Japanese terriers. We showed her Keru and Fuji. Keru as a professor, went beautifully and presented on the table as well. The judge had no doubt and gave him BOB. Next was Fuji and Ms. Pettersson like her very much. She also won. At BIS we are lucky that we were judged by the same judge.

I decided that since we have the opportunity, we will show our Japanese terriers during breeding pairs competition. It was a hit. Fuji and Keru won! The more we are happy because we had a competition!

Oktawia and I were overjoyed. And even more happiness gave us Fuji who took second place in the best puppies competition!

Keru despite a very nice presentation, he had to acknowledge the superiority of other breeds.

The next day was held CACIB Pohorje. We showed only Bayka. The judge was Ms. Ekaterina Senashenko from Russia, who was very curious about our breed. The weather was awful (heavy rainfall, mud), Bayka in the ring acted strangely. She didn’t want to stand on the table, she was very cold, but in the ring went beautifully. That was enough to convince the judge to to get CACIB and BOB. We didn’t stay at BIS.

We came back from Maribor with two great successes, BIS Couple and II BIS Puppy!