Next shows of Japanese Terriers

As many as four shows have passed since the last text. During the international shows in Katowice, Moscow and Luxembourg were presented four Japanese Terriers.

CACIB Show in Katowice is the most prestigious show in the Southern Poland. Bayka and Keru were presented there. The judge was Antonio Rojo Fajardo from Spain. Self judging took quickly. Both Keru and Bayka showed very well, getting all the title and, most importantly, positive notes.

Another, one of the most prestigious shows, was CACIB Eurasia 2013, which is a two-day show in Moscow. On the first day three Japanese Terriers  took part: Multi Ch. Amakakeru-Meiji White Oleander (Keru), his sister ASAYO MEIJI WHITE OLEANDER and dog imported from Japan – Hagino SUPER MINI LOUIS KING JP, the two dogs were in the hands of Inna Gribushkova from Russia. The judge was Mr Andreas Schemel from Austria. Keru competed in the champion class, the other dogs in the open class. Hagino SUPER MINI LOUIS KING JP is a 20-month small Japanese  terrier, for whom this was the second show. Unfortunately, Hagino was very afraid of the judge, he did not show up on the table. The judge was relentless and unfortunately gave him a very good note. Then Keru came on the ring and showed his everything best winning CAC and CACIB. Shortly after Keru, on the ring appeared his sister. Asayo was a little scared on the ring, she also had problems on the table by the judge. However, she won CAC and CACIB. Compared to siblings, Keru did a better impression on the judge and got BOB.

On the next day, Keru was already alone in the breed. The judge  was Mrs Gitty Schwab from Luxembourg. This judge gave Keru a very good on  the show in Luxembourg last year. This time it was different. Keru showed that he is an experienced show dog, presented himself very well and deservedly got BOB and three consecutive titles (Eurasia Champion, Champion of Russia, Champion of RKF) to his collection.

A week later, Keru and Bayka went to the show in Luxembourg. The judge was Mr Željko Gajić from Slovenia. Keru, as a professor, showed from a very good side winning BOB and the Champion of Luxembourg. Bayka also presented very well, showing us that with each show she keeps getting better and better. Bayka received the title of Best puppy.

Before us the April shows in the Czech Republic and Slovenia.