Nihon teria’s coat

Nihon teria is certainly very timid, but very intelligent breed. In various situations, typical of other races, Nihon teria is able to surprise us.

Dogs of this breed stand out above all of the coat. There live more than two hundred of them in the world, but from these two hundred, we can extract several types. Not every Nihon teria is the same.

There are eight types of coat color on the heads of Nihon teria and five types of body color. Nihon teria should be tri-color (colors are brown, black – may be tan, white). The coat should be smooth, rough in places, shiny, no larger than 2 millimeters. Any other deviations from the standard are not recommended for breeding.

Illustrations from the book:”『日本犬の研究』”,by Seikoukan.