Tsubasa is a Polish Terriers’ Club Junior Winner

On the August 29th was the holiday of all terriers in our country – 30th Jubilee Terriers Club Show in Bialystok, Poland. We decided to try and signed Tsubasa in. We were not sure if he is ready for bigger shows. We had the same situation with Keru three years ago. Tsubasa needs to participate in lots of dog shows but his behavior, for now, is not as expected for a dog that participates in breed shows.

As we thought he presented himself really good at the ring but he was terrified at the table. The judge said that Tsubasa is a really beautiful dog that needs more socialization trainings. Anna Cwiecekova from Slovakia gave him Terriers Club Show Junior Winner title, but without BOB

Next training is behind us, lots of them in front of us – but we are sure will be fine.