What Is A North American Free Trade Agreement Certificate Of Origin

The certificate of origin must be completed and signed by the exporter of the goods. Where the exporter is not the manufacturer, the exporter may complete the certificate on the basis of: knowledge of the origin of the product; reasonably rely on the manufacturer`s written declaration that the article is originating; or a duly completed and signed certificate of origin for the goods voluntarily made available to the exporter by the manufacturer. The same goes for our export documentation and compliance software for shipping solutions, especially if you create certificates of origin such as the USMCA Certificate of Origin (COO). This field indicates the source of the certificate of origin information. Where the exporter is not the manufacturer, the exporter shall indicate the basis on which he must complete the document. For each product described in box 5, indicate yes if you are the producer of the good. How do I know if my product is eligible for duty-free treatment? To qualify for the NAFTA prime rate, the product must comply with the applicable rule of origin. These rules, which are set out in Chapter Four of NAFTA, specify the production that must take place for a product to be eligible for NAFTA treatment. For example, a product imported from outside North America into one NAFTA country and then re-exported to another NAFTA country may not be eligible for duty-free treatment. The issuer of a written origin declaration must, in addition to other valid supporting documents to prove the originating status of the goods as originating goods, for a period of FIVE years from the date of importation of the goods for the goods coming into Canada and for a period of TEN years from the date of importation of the goods for products: who go to Mexico.

Complete this field if the certificate covers multiple shipments of identical goods described in the description of the goods and imported into a USMCA country for a specified period of up to one year (general period). From the date on which the certificate becomes applicable to the element covered by the ceiling, and it may be earlier than the date of signature of that certificate. Shipping Solutions software simplifies the creation of these certificates. If the rate in the “General” column is not zero, the exporter must then check the rate in the “Special/Preferential” column… .